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Raqamak offers a variety of other paid services and products where users can pay a non-refundable fee to post more ads, stop ads or any other type of services as indicated when purchasing on the platform. In order to purchase any paid product or service, you may be required to submit certain information through a third-party service provider, third party platform, which may be subject to their own terms of use and other policies.

Raqmak platform does not make any representations or guarantees regarding the safety or security of the information transmitted to any third-party platform, and your association with any third-party platform is entirely at your own risk and Raqamak site disclaims all liability related to that.

4.2 – RAQAMAK Portal Wallet is a prepaid system used on your Raqamak platform that allows registered users to purchase credit or points that can be used to purchase services or products offered by your Raqamak website. It is not entitled to exchange the balance or points within the wallet of your number platform for money and does not earn interest or profits and cannot be redeemed. The credit or points purchased automatically expire after one year from the date of purchase if they have not been used and you are considered to agree to this and agree that: Only registered users are eligible to purchase the credit and use your number platform wallet.

All credit purchases in your Raqamak platform wallet are final, irrevocable and not eligible for refund. Raqamak reserves the right to stop the sale of balances for the Raqamak platform wallet and/or change the cost, as well as the manner in which the registered user can purchase, store and/or use the balance of the Raqamak platform wallet at the sole discretion of the Raqamak platform. The conversion rate commission can be up to 6% which can be added to online payments and to convert the local currency from the base currency which is the US dollar. And services from your number site or any other services

May be available in the future. Registered users are not entitled to use your Raqmak platform wallet balance to purchase products and services that are not offered by Raqmak site or to purchase materials or services posted by other users on Raqmak site. The registered user is not entitled to transfer the balance of the wallet of your number to another user on the site of RAQAMAK.

RAQAMAK platform wallet balance expires after one year from the date of purchase. Once a user account becomes inactive, deactivated or otherwise terminated, all RAQAMAK platform wallet balances, if any, are automatically forfeited. RAQAMAK Platform reserves the right to confiscate any balance in RAQAMAK Number Wallet that is believed to have been purchased or possessed directly or indirectly through fraudulent or illegal means without the need to provide notice and the RAQAMAK site is not responsible in any way.

If RAQAMAK site believes or has reasonable evidence that a user has violated any of these rules, other terms of use or the privacy policy, 

RAQAMAK site has the right to: 

(a) prohibit the use of your user’s platform wallet balance; and/or 

(b) delete and/or modify the listing, paid advertisements and/or publications without the need to provide any prior notice. 

By using your Raqmak wallet, you agree to: has the right, at any time and without prior notice, to update, change and/or discontinue partially or completely 

(1) any of its content or services, including the Raqmak wallet; and 

(2) these terms and conditions. Any update, change or termination shall be effective immediately upon posting or implementation on any Platform or Service.

Raqamak reserves the absolute right to monitor, remove, manage, modify and/or regulate the Raqamak platform wallet, its contents, services, technology, the platform and all related matters as it deems appropriate in its sole discretion and Raqamak bears no responsibility whatsoever in exercising these rights. has the right to conduct an audit of the user鈥檚 Raqamak platform wallet account in order to investigate system errors or confirm any reported or potential violation of these Terms and Conditions or any of Raqmak鈥檚 policies, rules and regulations

 Any Down payment is not refundable under any circumstances but can be re-used after contacting Raqamak site
Any dispute relating to the Raqmak platform wallet must be reported to within twenty-four (24) hours from the time the problem was discovered by the user. The user irrevocably waives all claims against your number site.